Q: What is Fairy Dust by Sparkle & Co.?

A: Fairy Dust is a magical nail shadow product that adds an enchanting color to your nails with ease, a full one coat mani in under 10 minutes!

Q: How long does Fairy Dust last on my nails?

A: Fairy Dust lasts 1-2 weeks without losing its intensity, making your manicure long-lasting.

Q: Can I use Fairy Dust on acrylic/dip powder/nail extensions?

A: Yes, Fairy Dust can be applied over acrylic/dip powder/nail extensions for a magical transformation. Start with Step 3 in our instructions listed in this catalog, making sure to buff off any top coat first.

Q: Does it come off easily when exposed to water?

A: No, Fairy Dust cured with Fairy Gloss is water-resistant and stays vibrant even when exposed to water.

Q: Can I use Fairy Dust with other nail products?

A: Absolutely, Fairy Dust can be combined with other nail products to create unique and dazzling nail art, although we can ensure the best results with our Sparkle & Co. Fairy line of products.

Q: Is Fairy Dust available in different colors?

A: Yes, Fairy Dust comes in a variety of enchanting shades and finishes. We will be adding new colors often.

Q: Is Fairy Dust safe for my nails, cruelty-free and vegan?

A: Yes, Fairy Dust by Sparkle & Co. is safe for your nails, free from harmful chemicals, non-toxic and doesn’t damage them. It’s gentle and easy to use. It’s also cruelty-free and vegan.

Q: Can I use Fairy Dust on my toenails?

A: Of course, Fairy Dust can be applied to both fingernails and toenails to enhance your magical charm.

Q: How long does one jar of Fairy Dust last?

A: The longevity of a jar of Fairy Dust depends on usage, but a little goes a long way, so it lasts for multiple applications. One jar can last anywhere from 10-25 manis, depending on nail length.

Q: Is Fairy Dust UV or LED lamp compatible?

A: Fairy Dust cures beautifully with both UV and LED lamps, giving you flexibility in your nail care routine. Remember to always double the curing time for UV lamps.

Q: Is Fairy Dust suitable for people with sensitive skin?

A: Fairy Dust is formulated to be gentle and suitable for those with sensitive skin, although it’s always advised to do a patch test first.

Q: Does Fairy Dust have a strong odor?

A: No, Fairy Dust is virtually odorless, ensuring a pleasant and magical nail application.

Q: Is there a specific way to clean the fairy wand after use?

A1: To clean the Fairy Wand in between colors, add Fairy Wand Cleaner Spray onto a paper towel and swirl the wand to remove color and swirl again on a dry paper towel to dry wand. Repeat if necessary.
A2: After your manicure is complete, you can thoroughly clean your Fairy Wand by adding the Fairy Wand Cleaner to the Cleaning Dish and gently scrubbing the wand on the plastic grate until clean. Then lay out your Fairy Wand on the Fairy Wand Drying Rack to dry completely.

Q: How do I remove unwanted Fairy Dust on my cuticles and skin?

A: Use our small Fairy File to gently file away extra dust from cuticles/skin.

Q: Can I use Fairy Dust for a French manicure look?

A: Yes, Fairy Dust can be used to create a unique and enchanting French manicure.

Q: Can I ombré different shades of Fairy Dust for a gradient effect?

A: Yes, ombreing different shades of Fairy Dust can create beautiful
gradient effects.

Q: Do you offer a Fairy Dust Subscription option?

A: Yes, we currently offer 5 exclusive colors, 5 swatch sticks, 1 Fairy
Wand, 1 Fairy Dust Brush, and 1 Fairy File for $45, recurring
monthly. See our website for more details:
www.SPARKLEANDCO.com, under the subscription tab.

Q: How do I fix a chipped nail?

A: Fairy Dust is extremely easy and fast to remove using our Fairy
Remover. It is best to remove all Fairy Dust from chipped nail
and start the process again on that nail.

Q: Can I add a second coat of Fairy Dust?

A: Yes, after dusting off the excess, repeat steps 3-7.

Q: Where can I purchase Fairy Dust by Sparkle and Co.?

A: You can purchase Fairy Dust on our official website:

Q: Can I find tutorials on how to use Fairy Dust?

A: Certainly, we have tutorials available on our social media channels to help you master the art of Fairy Dust application.

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