4 Step Dip Liquids

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This listing is for 4 Step Dip Liquids:

(1) pH Prep (Neutralizer) 15ml

(1) Base Bond (Glue) 15ml

(1) Solidify (Drying Liquid) 15ml

(1) Glossy Coat or Glossy 2.0

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Weight 15 oz

pH Prep, Base Bond, Solidify & Glossy Coat (Original), pH Prep, Base Bond, Solidify & Glossy 2.0

5 reviews for 4 Step Dip Liquids

  1. Lori Duncan

    Everything you need for a glossy dip manicure is right here. I love that the PH Prep is included. Used first, it prepares the Nail bed for even better adherence if you have oily nails beds.

  2. Leslie Martin (verified owner)

    These liquids are the best I’ve used. I’ve tried 4 other company’s liquids and these are by far the easiest to use and the longest lasting. And it’s a definite plus that number 3 smells like cake batter!

  3. leslie.love.music (verified owner)

    These are the best liquids I’ve used, by far. I’ve tried 4 other company’s liquids and these are not only easier to use, but they last longer. It doesn’t hurt that #3 smells like cake batter!

  4. Chastity C.

    These liquids are amazing. They go on very smoothly, thin and evenly. I never have an issue with not being able to reach all of the product. I’ve also never had an issue with the liquids getting too think to use. To say I’m hooked is an understatement! These ladies got it right! Pair up great liquids with great powders and you barely have to buff! Combine that with excellent sparkle fairies (customer service is top notch) and you’ve got a dang good company to order from.

  5. Mary Perron (verified owner)

    These liquids are the BEST! Easy to use and just the right consistency. They are the best on the market in my opinion!

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