Basic 4 Piece Dip Starter Kit

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Sparkle & Co. 4 Piece Dip Powder Starter Kit:

(1) Base Bond (Glue)

(1) Solidify (Drying Liquid)

(1) Glossy 2.0

(1) 1oz. (worth 25 manis) Dip Powder: Mention your color choice in notes field above, Choose any available Sparkle dip powder from our permanent line (dp.) or Secret Menu color.

For Dip Powder instructions click here.


Additional information

Weight 15 oz

Glossy Coat (Original), Glossy 2.0

37 reviews for Basic 4 Piece Dip Starter Kit

  1. Molly Johns

    This dip powder system is the best on the market! The three step system is so easy to follow and use! There are great YouTube videos to watch which help show you step by step of what to do! The jar of dip powder that comes with it is beautifully packaged and feels like it lasts forever! I’ve been using the product for over 2 years and I’ll never put anything else on my nails!

  2. Vanessa M.

    I absolutely love Sparkle & Co.’s dip powder starter kit! This is a super easy way to achieve a better than salon look. I personally don’t like going to salons anymore, instead I do at home manicures and this is definitely in my nail supplies. Everywhere I go people ask me who does my nails and I tell them I do them myself with these products. My nails feel super strong, they grow really long using this product, and it lasts over two weeks. A bonus is that the actual powder never expires. It can last forever, or until you use it all.

  3. Bellini S.

    I’ve used Sparkle & Co.’s Dip Powder System twice. Once on my natural nails and once with nail tips. Both times have been easy to use. I love that this kit has everything you need. I got my kit in clear because that way I could just use it for a nail extension and apply polish or gel polish over it. But I do own two glitters. My nails feel strong, like if I was wearing acrylics. It does not damage your nails with proper removal.There is no need to file too much when you keep your base bond coat thin. You can use the traditional dipping way or you can also pour it over. I do this last one when I clear cap my nails. The best thing is that if you have any questions, you can always reach out to Sparkle & Co. and they’ll be happy to assist.

  4. Katie

    I’ve never tried anything related to dip powder, I’ve always been the one to go with gel polish, but I tried this and it was so easy! I now have two favorite products; dip powder AND gel polish.

  5. Jessica

    This dip powder starter kit is amazing! You won’t be disappointed!! My nails have never been this long or perfect before ever! And there is absolutely no nail damage when removed correctly. The best!

  6. mirandapayne995

    Loved getting my kit in the mail!! It’s an amazing product! Such salon quality that I’m able to do AT HOME!!!

  7. Elizabeth

    I was able to snag this set when it was on sale. It is so good! I used it with nail tips and I’m in love!! So easy to use and the color is so beautiful!! Will definitely be getting more colors!

  8. roldank13

    I just got my dip starter kit and im already making a list of what I want to get next! Ive never tried dips before but its my go to now. Especially being a new mom, I needed something that dried quick and I can’t believe how quick these dry. The instructions were super easy to follow and I’m head over heels!!

  9. Kelisha

    Absolutely in love with dip powders! This was my first time trying it and it was surprisingly easy. I just did my sisters nails and shes in love too! We’re going to order more colors. We’re hooked ??

  10. Sharneeka

    I love this starter kit. My nails are very weak from getting acrylic for over 10 years. So I love that I can still get a salon look without actually going to the salon. I love that it’s very easy to get that salon look too. And the price, I was paying 60$ these last couple of years at the salon for basic nails. I rather pay 60$ once and be able to do my own anyway I want. I ordered dip.#13 very pretty. It’s like a soft pink nude. Love it!!!!

  11. Lexie

    This is the best and easiest 3 step nail dipping you wont be disappointed in anyway

  12. Kimberly R.

    I was gifted this starter kit and I absolutely fell in love! My nails have never been so long and beautiful! I highly recommend this product to anyone who is on the fence about it. It’s way better than any salon!

  13. Rikki D.

    This stuff is seriously amazing! Sparkle & Co. goes above and beyond for their customers! They’re always here to help & make sure everything is as it should be! Easiest system I’ve come across! You definitely won’t be disappointed.

  14. Sabrina Drown

    I love ez dip!! I get so many compliments on my nails and I love doing my own nails!! Salon quality!!!

  15. Amy S.

    I LOVE THIS NAIL SYSTEM!! It is so easy to use and it feels just like if you went and got acrylic nails on but with all the harsh smells and chemicals of course. Is it literally 1,2,3 step and your done. The price for this product is worth it!

  16. Doris

    I got this starter kit during a freebie offer. I love having my nails done but hate paying the price for upkeep so with this I am able to do them on my own and have great looking nails!
    It was my first time using Sparkle & Co products so I was very weary on the way my nails looked the first time I used this product. I went back and filed them down and re dipped and they turned out beautifully! So it was definitely user error not the product! I will 100% be buying more colors from y’all!

  17. Samantha Power

    I just got my starter kit from the Valentine’s flash sale and I can already tell I’m obsessed. I always get the the dip type manicure at the salon but it’s very expensive. I am a waitress and swim instructor so I am very tough on my nails so the dip is the only polish type that stays on my nails. This gives me the same look and feel as the dip manicure from the salon for a fraction of the price. Will definitely purchase more colors!

  18. Ashley

    AMAZING! I love my kit and I will be purchasing more powders. I used on my toes and fingernails. I will not be using acrylic anymore!!

  19. Amy

    I have been using these dip powders for 3 years and have never been disappointed. This manicure lasts longer than one at a nail salon and looks just as good. Always great customer service. Can’t say enough how much I recommend this product!

  20. Lauren

    Love this kit!! The consistency of the glue is perfect compared to any other kit I have tried!

  21. Sierra Rice

    AMAZING! I will be doing my own nails from now on. I hate leaving the salon and finding flaws in my nails or having them be super rough with my nails! I got to take my time and make my nails exactly as I wanted them. Products are clearly labeled and easy to use. Very detailed instructions and great service through the ordering process! I will be a regular! ❤ *The only thing I would add that has nothing to do with the quality of product is that I will definitely need to invest in better files and probably a face mask.

  22. Shelby Bennett

    My first ever starter kit and I am so excited to try it! I’m in Nail school and we are learning dip powders!

  23. Macy E.

    I got my starter kit with the Flash Sale. And I was a little hesitant to try, I’ve only done my nails with gel! The instructions were so easy to follow. It seems so much more durable than my gel nails. I love this stuff. Can’t wait to try more colors! ❤

  24. Breanne Katherine

    LOVE LOVE LOVE this product!! So easy to use! Dries so fast! It looks like you have a professional manicure from the comfort of your own home!!!! They have wonderful customer service here also! They emailed me directly to make sure I had the color I wanted work my starter set!! Definitely will be buying more colors soon!!

  25. Savanna (verified owner)

    I’ve used it a few times but it doesn’t seem to last and lifts easily. The base bond dries way too quickly and I can’t seem to get an even coat of powder. Also when I put on the top coat it has patches of matte spots even if I put multiple coats on.

  26. Trevaesa (verified owner)

    I used these liquids for the first time last week and this the thinnest application I’ve ever had! My nails don’t look like I glued on fake nails like they looked before! Ordered DP90 Clear with it and I love it and their other powders! So thrilled with these products!

  27. Alexandra T

    This basic kit was my first purchase of this type of nail system. I had always gone to the nail salon to have my nails done. It wasn’t until one of them butchered my pinkie nail that I started looking for other options to do myself. I tried acrylics, but I just couldn’t make it work. After searching around on YouTube, I found Christy and her wonderful product. Now I can do my own nails in whatever colors I want, and whatever style I want. My nails are long and strong and I can’t imagine ever going back to the salon.

  28. Allie Smith

    Absolutely an amazing product! The liquids are perfect and are better than any out there. They are nice and thin and make it easy to apply. Only makes beautiful manicures.

  29. cassiedr89

    I absolutely love this company and their products! I have used a couple companies before sparkle and I wont be going back. The liquids are nice and thin and smooth and the solidify smells like cupcakes!! Their liquids are by far the best I’ve ever used and the powders are smooth and easy to work with. And of course the customer service is second to none! If you haven’t tried sparkle, I highly recommend it!

  30. scottandanna2011 (verified owner)

    Placed my first order this past week. Amazingly fast shipping and super easy to use product with great results! I will 100% be ordering again in the future! ??

  31. Adrian N Wheeler

    Love the liquids! They are so easy to use! My only problem is choosing which color dip to use every week!!

  32. jpattat

    I have tried the liquid systems from just about every dip-powder company. These liquids blow them away! They are easier to work with and don’t have an awful scent – in fact, the solidify smells like cupcakes! I change my mani every week and it is so much more enjoyable with these liquids…if you are considering trying them – do it!

  33. Kirsten Makowski (verified owner)

    I couldn’t really afford to go to the salon all the time anymore but loved having my nails done. Enter Sparkle and co. This system is so easy and so versatile. The colors are beautiful. The liquids are flawless. I’m hooked! And it all started with this starter kit.

  34. Jessica DeWitt

    This product was my first Sparkle & Co experience, and I love it! Easy to use, thin layers, and smells like cupcakes! I can’t wait to try more colors!

  35. Kasey (verified owner)

    I am in love with Sparkle & Co’s Liquids. As a first time dipper, I find them extremely easy to work with. Even with four dips I can get a nice thin application while still building good consistent color and strength!

  36. Amy Shaffer

    I cannot put into words how much I love this company and their products! I have used a couple companies before sparkle and I will not use them again. Sparkle’s liquids are thin and apply smooth and the solidify smells sweet, almost like cupcakes when you apply it instead of the strong alcohol smell of other companies. Their powders are very soft, smooth and apply beautifully, even the glitters! Their customer service is FANTASTIC and always so helpful. The owner truly cares about her clients and is always striving to please, even mixing up color requests! She’s a sparkle mixing GENIUS! If you haven’t tried sparkle, order NOW! You will not regret it!

  37. Cammey

    I’ve tried other brands and they do not measure up to Sparkle’s liquids (or any of her products really). Her liquids go on thinner than others making them easier to use and control. The solidify smells amazing and the glossy coat leaves you with a BEAUTIFUL shine! You seriously can not go wrong with this starter kit or anything with the Sparkle and Co name!

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