Black Rectangle File

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Professional quality sanding file – for use ONLY at the removal step when filing off gloss coat before acetone

Washable and Sanitizeable; Completely water resistant. Won’t swell, shred or peel apart

Black Rectangle File Size: 7″ x 1.25″ x 1/8″; Grit: 80/80 – Very High/Tough Grit Weight: .7oz 

1 review for Black Rectangle File

  1. katiebritton13 (verified owner)

    This nail file is seriously the best one i’ve ever used. The grit on it is so strong that it helps remove dip like a dream and makes the removal process so much faster. Definitely not something to use on your bare nails to shape them, but is perfect for shaping the overall shape once the dipping process is done. Will be stocking up for sure!

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