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Each jar holds 2g.  It’s intoxicating watching how these work!  So fun and gorgeous!  Apply the same way you would chrome powder – over black gel or even any colored gel to create different looks! The picture is the pigments over black gel polish.


Apply Base Gel – Cure 60s LED

Apply Gel Color – Cure each coat 60s LED

Apply Sparkle & Co. Gel Top – Cure 30s LED

Apply Chrome Fantasy with sponge applicator, dust off extra, become mesmerized! 😉

Optional: Apply Sparkle & Co. Gel Protect and cure 60s LED

Apply Sparkle & Co. Gel Top, cure 60s LED


CHAMELEON CHROME FANTASY: MultiChrome Color Shift Powder Pigment Nail Art 2g


One 2g Jar of Sparkle & Co. Chrome Fantasy: Each jar offers 20 manicures!

Not Included:

Sparkle & Co. Gel Top (No Wipe) is NOT included in this listing (but is sold separately under Sparkle & Co. liquids) and will be needed to complete the effect.  Please see instructions below.

This product is absolutely mesmerizing! Super smooth and a TINY bit goes a super long way.  Buffs in flawlessly and so easy to apply!

Please choose from the drop down box to view the Chrome Fantasy colors we have available!

• CF 1: Fairyland- color shifts from Pink to Green

• CF 2: Enchantment- color shifts from Turquoise to Purple

• CF 3: Dragon’s Gold- color shifts from Green to Gold

• CF 4: Amber Obsession- color shifts from Maroon to Gold

• CF 5: Moonshadow- color shifts from Blue to Pink

• CF 6: Amethyst Dream- color shifts from Pink to Gold

It’s important to note that each available color pigment is considered a Multi-Chrome Powder, and does not use glitter within the ingredients to achieve the color shifting effect. This is absolutely the highest quality pigment available.


There are 6 simple steps required to take your nails from reality and into fantasy:

1. Apply Sparkle & Co. Gel Base, then add 1-2 coats of Sparkle & Co. Black Gel Polish Color 001 (or a gel color of your choice). Cure all coats for 60s under LED or 120s UV.

2. Apply Sparkle & Co. Gel Top (No Wipe Top Coat). Cure for 30s under LED or 45s-60s UV.

3. Use a sponge-tipped eye shadow applicator to buff a thin layer of pigment onto the nail surface.

4. Brush excess powder off of the nail and cuticle area.

5. Seal your nails with a thin layer of Sparkle & Co. Gel Protect (Gel Strengthening and Protecting Polish) – longest wear option and cure for 60s LED or 120s UV.

6. Finish by applying one coat of Sparkle & Co. Gel Top. Cure for 60s under LED or 120s UV. For extra durability – apply a second coat of Gel Top and cure for 60s LED or 120s UV.


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Weight 2 oz

Fairyland CF1, Enchantment CF2, Dragon's Gold CF3, Amber Obsession CF4, Moonshadow CF5, Amethyst Dream CF6

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