Dip Powder Minis! Set of 5

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Sparkle & Co. Dip Powders in trial size/mini size! Each jar lasts 5-7 Manis.
This is a perfect way to try more colors to see your faves before buying the 1oz. size!
Please mention your 5 color choices in notes field above.
You may include any available Sparkle and Co. Dip Color in this pack: main line colors (dp), Secret Menu colors, current/non retired subscription colors (sb: only available for subscribers).

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Weight 2 oz

1 Mini, 5 Minis

28 reviews for Dip Powder Minis! Set of 5

  1. Molly Johns

    these mini jars are PERFECT for checking out a new color! they are a great size and I can easily fit my finger (even the thumbs) into these jars. I also think these would be great for the colors you like to use as accents!

  2. Nikki Moser (verified owner)

    I absolutely love this 5-pack of mini dips! It’s such a great price for a reasonable size of dip powder to help you grow your collection of colors! These mini jars are easy to use and are large enough to dip your entire nail inside without worrying about a mess. This mini-size is “just right” in my opinion!

  3. Kellyeubanks@icloud.com (verified owner)

    My favorite way to purchase dip powders! Perfect amount in each jar!

  4. heather_arsenault05 (verified owner)

    I absolutely love having this option! Its so nice to be able to get several colors at once instead of having to choose!!

  5. Jessica McDonald

    LOVE the mini jars!! These are a great way to try new colors that may be a little bit out of your comfort zone! For me, it’s a great way to add to my collection, without taking up as much space. And of course you can’t go wrong with the excellent quality of Sparkle & Co. dip powder!

  6. Jaclyn Pasley (verified owner)

    I just love this little set of minis! I can select 5 different dip colors at one time and they are the perfect size for several Manis. You can’t go wrong with this set! ?

  7. Stephanie Trader

    The mini jars are my favorite thing that Sparkle and Co sells. The ability to try so many beautiful colors in small amounts is absolutely perfection especially since I love accent nails! Trust me, you’ll become addicted to these cute little jars and colors.

  8. sunny.stickles (verified owner)

    I love these mini jars! I love that I can order a batch of colors of my choice and that the sizes allow me to order more options. The jars are perfect for travel and easy to dip in. I prefer these as they are easier for me to travel with.

  9. dodimorency (verified owner)

    I absolutely love these mini’s!!! They are perfect size for storing your dip collection and at a great price so that you can get more!

  10. karbear17 (verified owner)

    The mini jars are the PERFECT way to experience new colors. Sometimes you just have to try a color to know if it will look good on your skin tone, but I hate to buy a full jar if I’m unsure. This was a great way to build up my dip colors and determine which were keepers long-term.

  11. jenniferkinne (verified owner)

    The minis are the best thing ever! It allows me to add so many colors to my collection without breaking the bank! The best size for someone like me who likes to switch up colors but would never use a whole 1oz jar or dip.

  12. Tk Hahn (verified owner)

    The size of the minis are perfect for a “dip collector” such as myself. I love that they are enough to get a few manis out of while still getting the joy of multiple colors. Plus, at this price they are a steal! Sparkle and Co colors are beautiful and someday I hope to own them all!

  13. ctackaberry223 (verified owner)

    I love the option to get the minis! It makes it more affordable to try more colors. The full size jars are sometimes not practical (with how many colors I want to buy, I’ll never actually use up all of the full size jars so it’s wasteful to buy them sometimes)
    Thanks so much for this option!! ❤️

  14. kimmarie91

    The mini jars are just PERFECT for checking out a new color that you may be uncertain of…they are a VERY generous size & have a lot of product in these jars. Plus a little bit of Sparkle & Co. dip powders goes a LONG way!!! I love that I can order a batch of colors of my choice before I commit to the larger size!! By far the finest & easiest to work & apply dip powder product that I have worked with & I’ve sampled quite a few brands! Keep up the the great work Sparkle & Co!!!!

  15. amanda.n.neeb

    I have not always been a Sparkle customer. I used another brand before I discovered Sparkle & Co. Let me just say I will NEVER go back to using the other brand. The quality of these products by far surpasses anything else these other sites have to offer. I love the dip products and the glitter dips are just so beautiful compared to the rest. So glad to have found my dipping “home” with Sparkle & Co ❤️

  16. Kit (verified owner)

    I love the 5-pack of minis! It’s a great way to test out new colors. And I love that you can get any color in your pack. Great idea, great product!!

  17. Erin Hall (verified owner)

    Sparkle is an amazing company! The products are so easy to work with and the customer service is outstanding. The dip powder minis are a great set to buy as you can choose 5 colors to get. It is so hard to choose as Sparkle has so many amazing colors but I love the mini jars that the dips come in and they are so easy to work with. If you want to try different colors, this is the set to go with! You will not be disappointed ?

  18. Randi (verified owner)

    If you’re indecisive on which colors to choose (because let’s face it, you want them all), then the set of 5 minis is the way to go. This is what I have done for all of my orders and I’m never disappointed. I switch up my colors a lot so having minis is perfect for me! 100% worth it.

  19. Brenda White (verified owner)

    I am a licensed cosmetologist and have done nails for years. I have tried a lot of different products and I can honestly say that Sparkle & Co dip powders are the BEST! The color are so rich and pigmented! Her glitters are superior to any other! I love the option of ordering this mini dip collection in the colors I choose. Great way to try new colors and build your collection. ❤️

  20. rnnurse1990 (verified owner)

    Love getting nail mail with minis…perfect to try out before purchasing larger sizes.
    So many choices and too little time!

  21. JenJ (verified owner)

    After discovering I could do my own nails with dip powder, I started researching brands and discovered Sparkle and Co. I ordered this cute set of mini jars to try out a few colors and WOW!! The pigments are beautiful and the glitter is like nothing you have ever seen in a nail product! Shipping was fast and the package was well wrapped. These are perfect for just starting out with dip powder or wanting try out some new colors.

  22. Heather Correa (verified owner)

    I LOVE these mini jars. I ordered them to come with my starter kit because it was an affordable way for me to get multiple colors to try out. My very first manicure had three different colors because I just couldn’t decide!

    The size of these is great to try out colors or use for an accent nail, or really just a great excuse to try all of the colors!

  23. Katrina (verified owner)

    Love the minis!!! This is the best way to try several colors at once!

  24. mrausch1008 (verified owner)

    I love the option to get minis! It’s a great way to expand a color collection that’s cost effective. I’m new to sparkle&co but these powders are so easy to work with along with being beautiful.

  25. Erin Hall (verified owner)

    I love the mini dip powders! They are great to try out all the amazing colors from Sparkle, the jars are a perfect size and the price is amazing!

  26. kbolland_07 (verified owner)

    I love that I can try and have more color options this way! Every jar I have received has been full all the way to the top! Definitely the way to go if you want to try out a color or have lots of colors in your collection without the full price tag!

  27. mandybaby_18 (verified owner)

    Love the minis.
    If I going to try out New colours I’m not to sure about I order these minis and see if it live and if it is I come back for a one oz.

  28. aratobarbara26 (verified owner)

    I love these minis. Awesome option to have lots of colors and to try new ones. Btw, all colors are beautiful.

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