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Introducing…Fairy Slime! Available Options: “Pre-Mixed” or “You Mix” (Clear slime + Mix-In)!
Inspired by our Dip Powder colors and Fun for all ages! Get ready to relieve stress and anxiety, while having a Sparkle-tastic good time!

Creating Fairy Slime:

*Use Parchment paper or a plastic bin under the Fairy Slime. Paper towels will not work as it will stick to the slime.

1. Prep the clear slime:
Flatten out the clear slime base in your hand and create a small pocket in the middle.
2. Add Fairy Slime Mix-In:
Pour the Fairy Slime Mix-In into the flattened slime. Carefully fold all sides of the clear slime base over the Fairy Slime Mix-In, sealing it all in.
3. Combine:
Begin slowly stretching and molding the slime. Continue this process until the Fairy Slime Mix-In and the clear slime base is evenly incorporated.
4. Enjoy:
Enjoy stretching, squishing, and molding it to your heart’s content!
5. Storing:
Once finished, store the Fairy Slime back in it’s jar with the lid tight to prevent it from drying out and to maintain its magical qualities.

Fairy Slime is not edible. Keep away from eyes and mouth.
Fairy Slime is non-toxic, but always use it safely. Adult supervision is advisable when children are handling Fairy Slime.

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Weight 2 oz

Pre-Mixed, You Mix (Clear Slime + Mix-In)


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