Sparkle & Co. Dip Powders – dp.104 Rose Gold Fierce

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The truest Rose Gold color now available in an all glitter dip powder! A matching nail polish is coming soon as well – stay tuned!

Included: One (1) 1oz. Jar of Sparkle & Co. Dip Powder (lasts 25 manis) in color dp.104 Rose Gold Fierce. You will need the dip liquids: Base Bond, Solidify and Glossy Coat (sold separately).


Innovative, Incredibly Easy & Super Fun!

There are 100 TOTAL Colors Available (including French White, Light Pink, Dark Pink & Crystal Clear)

STEP 1: Sanitize work area, client’s hands and your own.
STEP 2: Cut and file nails to desired shape (square or round), push back cuticles
& trim if necessary.
STEP 3: Gently roughen the entire nail bed with a nail buffer to remove the
excess cuticle and shine from the nail bed.
STEP 4: Remove dust with nail brush.
STEP 5: Gently shake powder jar to loosen powder from settling and then open
STEP 6: Apply pH Prep to entire nail bed.
STEP 7: Apply a thin coat of Base Bond and then: dip finger/nail into powder,
tap off excess with another finger (don’t tap on the jar as this could cause the jar
to tip over). Repeat this on each nail, one at a time.
You can use a nail brush gently to brush off extra powder on fingers/hands.
Make sure to wait a few seconds after dipping, before brushing away
dust (to ensure dryness).
STEP 8: Repeat Step 7. (If you have very weak/flexible/brittle nails or you are super
tough on your nails, you may want to do 3-4 coats. As long as you apply thin coats
of Base Bond, your end look will still be thin and not look too thick)
You could use 1-2 coats of Crystal Clear powder and 2 coats of color powder
if you did not want to darken the color too much).
STEP 9: Apply Solidify generously to all nails and let dry at least 30 seconds.
Preferable drying time is 1-3 minutes.
STEP 10: Gently buff nails (entire surface) and file edges if necessary. NOTE:
Gently use drill or file as close to the cuticles and sides of nail as possible to
ensure smooth edge grow-out.
STEP 11: Wash hands and dry thoroughly.
STEP 12: Apply Solidify. Let dry 30 seconds.
STEP 13: Apply 2 coats of Glossy Coat to all nails and let dry for 3 minutes. Make
sure to also seal the free edges with both coats. NOTE: Apply one coat to all ten
nails and then immediately apply the second coat to all ten nails. The three
minutes for drying is after the second coat.
STEP 14: After nails are fully dry, apply oil/lotion to cuticles/hands if preferred.
STEP 15: Much later – when thoroughly dry, file again to shape if necessary. That’s it! Now you have gorgeous, rock hard, natural looking nails that are super shiny!! Get ready for lots of compliments!!

This lasts 2-3 Weeks and can be re-filled!

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Weight 2 oz

25 reviews for Sparkle & Co. Dip Powders – dp.104 Rose Gold Fierce

  1. greyryanbx


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  3. Alyssa

    I love this glitter. I love how with one dip its evenly coated and it isnt caked on like most. I love how when buffing it doesnt take FOREVER to get it smooth like most companies. Plus this color is all around amazing

  4. Samantha Arceneaux

    I have gotten so many compliments on this and seems to my friends top choice as well when I do their nails. It’s so classy while still giving a bit of bling.

  5. Doodaloo12

    This is the most universally flattering color and can be used in so many combinations. I get compliments on it everywhere I go. Very easy to work with and the sparkle is AH-MAZEING!

  6. Tatianna Dagenais (verified owner)

    This is the prettiest rose gold possible! The glitter is amazing but not hard to work with at all! Rose gold is my favorite color and this dip lives up to my expectations 100%

  7. Lindsay Wirt

    Absolutely gorgeous color that will pair nicely with any other dip color as an accent or on it’s own for show-stopping classic sparkle!

  8. janessprincess3

    In love with this color! I think it’s the perfect fall color as well! I’ve used this color so many times! It’s like what do I want to do for my next mani oh I’ll add rose gold fierce to it what could go wrong with that!

  9. nicole0642

    This is probably my favorite S&C dip color – it’s a very classy glitter that goes with so many colors. I always get compliments when wearing this color!

  10. Katie Reeves (verified owner)

    RGF is seriously the most amazing color! It’s fabulously glittery but SO easy to work with! It is seriously my favorite color to date! Everyone needs it!!

  11. karbear17 (verified owner)

    The color of this dip is STUNNING! It’s beautiful as an all over color or as an accent. Especially going into fall, this is the perfect pairing with fall colors.

  12. Kristin

    What girl doesn’t like glitter?!? LOVE this color it is my go to from now on weather it’s a whole mani or just an accent nail! Definitely worth getting!

  13. Kristin

    This color is absolutely gorgeous! I have searched for a true rose gold glitter dips and all others have fallen short. Of all my colors, I use this the most! Goes on easier than other brand glitter powders with little need to buff. Be careful though, the beautiful sparkle is distracting! It’s hard to pay attention when driving and the sunlight shines on this dip!

  14. Brianne

    This color is everything!! The first time I saw it on I wanted to bathe in it I loved it so much. The best part is it looks beautiful alone without being too much but works great with seriously every color. You’ll want the 1oz of this color!

  15. lnsanchez167

    Dp 104 (Rose Gold Fierce) is the color that lured me over to Sparkle & Co! Seriously no other Rose Gold dip will ever be able to compare. The powder itself is easy to work with, like all of this company’s glitters, and the sparkle is absolutely mesmerizing, even without the layer of clear on top! RGF is also easy pair, there are soo many colors that I’ve used with it, greens, pinks, blues, purples, it all looks fabulous! Needless to say, you NEED this color in your dip powder collection, it is an absolute staple in mine!

  16. Mary Perron

    This is my all time favorite purchase! The color is to die for and the sparkle is full coverage!!! I have steadily grown my collection of all Sparkle & Co products including dip, gel, chrome, glitter, nail polish, and liquids. This is the BEST company in existence!!! Sparkle Girl for LIFE!

  17. Rachel (verified owner)

    I absolutely LOVE this color! It’s so beautiful and so versatile. You can pair it with almost any color and it looks amazing!

  18. patterson2012 (verified owner)

    Love RGF! It’s amazing and pairs so well with almost any other color. It’s my go-to color

  19. Maranda

    I’m in love with this color! So perfect! Not sure why I waited so long to use it. If you’re on the fence about buying it just do it. You won’t be disappointed.

  20. Kristy Hambric

    Rose Gold Fierce is an amazing color. It is very easy to use, unlike some chunky glitters. The end result is an amazing mani that will get many compliments!

  21. Randi

    Rose Gold Fierce is absolutely gorgeous! Pictures do it no justice. It can be paired with so many other colors and looks great on any skin tone. You need Rose Gold Fierce. Lemme say it louder for the people in the back, YOU. NEED. ROSE GOLD FIERCE. ?

  22. Amanda Therkildson

    This is my all time favorite color! I have tried dips from multiple brands and Sparkle & Co is my favorite. It goes on easy and stays on strong! This color is amazing, worth every penny!

  23. Marissa McBain

    This is seriously the best rose gold EVER. And as a rose gold connoisseur, I can definitely appreciate the true color of this. It’s amazing and so it the formula

  24. Sarah Charles

    I love this color so much! It is my go to and the great thing is it goes with so many colors. A true sparkly rose gold, what more could a girl want!

  25. idi4ku (verified owner)

    Rose Gold Fierce is absolutely gorgeous! 🙂 Most glitter dip powders are chunky on the nail & after filing, the glitter loses its color, so you’re stuck with silver specks throughout your intended color. This brand is a smoother formulation. Easier to use than other brands, sticks better to the polish and very little filing is needed! I’m very happy with my purchase & will purchase more from Sparkle & Co in the future!

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