Sparkle & Co. Peel Base

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(1) Peel Base (Temporary) in 15ml bottle to match the dip liquid line.

Can be used on sides of nail to catch fall off powders/polish (peels off easily when dry).

Can be used a base for easier gel and dip powder removal. IMPORTANT: For under Dip Powder: Do not use near cuticle or too close to sides of nail – as powder can adhere to it easily and ruin your look. Best to apply in a sort of circle on nail bed, leaving top and sides free.

To use: Apply a thin coat and let FULLY dry (dries clear).   Then start the Gel or Dip Powder process!

When you would like to remove: Use orange stick to slowly lift at the cuticle area/top of nail.

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Weight 7 oz

1 review for Sparkle & Co. Peel Base

  1. Regina A.

    Peel Base is a must have in your collection. It is great for trying out lot of colors without the pain of removal the old fashioned way!

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