Sweater Weather: Fall Brown



15ml Luxury Nail Polish Formula: Quick Drying, Amazing Coverage, Fall Colors!

Color: Sweater Weather – Fall Brown

From Lori: “Sweater Weather from the Fall Cozy Collection by Sparkle & Co. is a dark chocolate-brown creme with tons of gloss and another 1-coat wonder (the whole Fall Collection is 1 coaters). It’s like breaking open a decadent creamy dark chocolate bar…without the calories! 1 Coat!”

These are regular nail polishes, not gel. Our Luxurious Collections of nail polish mean no lamps, no curing, but all the luxury of super creamy, very opaque and long lasting polishes for our lacquer connoisseurs.

Luxe Base, Top, Matte and Peels are sold separately under the Luxe Polish category.

• Luxe Base: Sticky Base Coat. Specially formulated to help nail polish adhere to prevent chipping and help extend the wear of your polish.

• Luxe Top: Quick Dry Top Coat. Luxuriously thick, creates an ultra glossy finish. Much like a gel-like top coat.

• Luxe Matte: Matte Top Coat. For a classic matte finish, just apply a thin coat instead of your regular glossy top coat and let dry.

• Luxe Peel: Unicorn Confetti Peel Away Base. Super fun cuticle guard protector. Just paint on around the edges of your nail (on skin) and let dry. Begin any pigment powder or polish application and then when finished, just peel away! Great for nail artists.

• Luxe Peel: Peel Away Cuticle treatment. A temporary option for gel and dip powders. Even under glitter polishes or hard to remove nail art treatments. Apply 1 coat of this and let dry thoroughly. Then apply your gel or dip application. When you are ready to remove, simply lift at the edges of your nail with an orangewood stick or cuticle tool. It will pop/peel right off. This can also be used as a cuticle guard around your cuticles.

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