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$25 Complete Kit (Includes all listed below)
$5 Pink Ink
$5 Purple Ink
$5 Teal Ink
$9 dp.93 Mini (New formula White)
$1 5 Blank Swatch Sticks

💗💜💙 Watercolor Application 💙💜💗

👉🏽 Apply 2 layers of dp.93 (new formula white) and Solidify.

👉🏽 Use a light brush stroke with your first watercolor onto ⅓ of the nail. Use your brush to soak up any excess unwanted liquid on your nail and repeat steps with your next colors.

👉🏽 After all 3 colors are applied, let it dry for 1 minute. Then apply a second coat of watercolor exactly the same as the first layer, repeating the same design and process to add more opaqueness.

👉🏽 In between each watercolor application, drain the excess liquid from your brush to a paper towel or a tissue.

👉🏽 After the second watercolor layer is applied, apply 2 coats of Glossy Coat to make it super shiny (do not use Solidify after watercolor is applied or it will erase your work).


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Weight 10 oz

Complete Kit, Pink Ink, Purple Ink, Teal Ink, dp.93 Mini (New formula White), 5 Blank Swatch Sticks


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