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💕 Introducing “You Sparkle” Charity 💕
This has been something on my heart for years now and I can’t believe this magical day is finally here. Starting January 1st, 2022 , 10% of profits from your orders on will go to women’s shelters, behavioral health communities, and retirement homes through You Sparkle. We all know how it feels to have our nails done and how it makes our days sparkle so much brighter. My dream is to donate nail products, have manicure stations (where permitted) to help women and men get their sparkle on. When nail products or manicure stations are not permitted, I would like to donate items that are needed and requested per location.
This is extra special to my heart because of my mom, Linda. She passed away from Leukemia on March 20th, 2018. She was my angel on earth and now she is my angel in Heaven. She suffered from mental illness for 25 years. She lived in many caring, behavioral health communities, and oh my glitter, did she love getting her manicures and pedicures when they offered them to her. Her pretty manicures gained her a lot of compliments.
By buying from Sparkle & Co., you will be helping others get that extra twinkle in their eye. We hope to help as many people as possible gain their confidence and find their sparkle (on the inside and outside). Without you and your support all of these years, this wouldn’t be possible. Thank you! Together, the days ahead can be filled with glitter and big smiles. You never know what one extra compliment or one brighter moment can really do for someone. It could be just the shine (sign) they are looking for…
By request, we now have a donate button through Paypal Giving Fund if you would like to donate directly.  Your donation will go to shelters, behavioral health homes and retirement homes.
xo, Christy 💕




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