Hi! My name is Christy and I love everything beauty. I own a hair extension business (www.missflirtyhair.com) and a nail business. I also do YouTube Videos (www.youtube.com/52weeksofbeauty). Our website before this one was: OceansofBeauty.com, but we had many requests to have a website for our brand Sparkle & Co., which we now finally have. Yay!
Over the last few years, I have had so much fun chatting with you all! Oceans of Beauty, Miss Flirty, YouTube and YOU have made this journey so fun! My heart explodes with happiness because of all of you. I have received so much support, met so many new friends and have wanted to hug this business with all my strength because it gave me you guys. You have all given me so many happy days during the hardest years of my life (infertility and Grave’s Disease). Thank you for all of your sweet words and love. I thoroughly enjoy waking up every day to chat with you, discover new products and have tons of fun hearing so many tips and tricks you send me! And your photos?!  I fall over daily looking at how beautiful your manis are that you all did yourselves!! They are gorgeous and you all are so talented!
My mission is to continue providing you exceptional customer service; the highest quality products I can find at affordable prices, and a positive, fun environment for us all to share photos and inspire each other every day. Soon, we will partner with a charitable foundation (TBD) and I can’t wait for that day.
Thank you so much for reading this and sharing this journey with me. Without you, my heart would not be filled with all of the excitement over what the future holds for Sparkle & Co.
Huge Hugs and Immense Appreciation,
~Christy & The Sparkle & Co. Team
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