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💞 Sparkle & Co. Secret Menu Info 💞
👉🏽 Secret Menu dip colors are available in Minis and 1oz. jar options.
👉🏽 Colors can also be purchased as part of 5 pack minis. (To avoid any confusion during processing, please add in notes the color names exactly as they are listed below for orders of 5 pack minis).
Sparkle Secret Menu consists of alternate versions of existing colors in the permanent line. Special requested and inspired by members of this group.
👉🏽 All Gel and nail polish colors are clearly marked  “Gel or Nail Polish”.

Current Secret Menu Colors:

sb.15 Reversed

sb.15 Reversed – Silver Base

sb.15 Reversed Clear Base

sb.13 Black Base

sb.13 Clear Base

Be Mine Polish – Dip Version

dp. 95 & dp.56 Mix

sb.03 with Galentine’s Glitter (sb.37)

Masquerade Madness Gel – Dip Version

Cosmic Beauty – 6 color-mix

Graffiti Art – multi color foil

Opal (New Version) – It’s dp.164 Fire Opal MINUS the Fiery sequins

Fantasy Angel – dp.71 + sb.37 + dp.127

Magic Cotton Candy – sb.46 + g.32 (Sun Changer)

Gilded Flamingo

Barbie’s Birthday Bash

Paint The Town

Unicorn Goddess Collection: Unicorn Horn, Unicorn Dust, Unicorn Hair, Unicorn Sprinkles (Available individually and in a 4 pack minis or 1oz. + Swatch Sticks)


Ballerina Baby

Whimsical Romance – sb.38 + Rose Gold & Gold Foil

Opal Dreams – Pale pink version of Fire Opal

Amethyst Dreams

Carnival After Dark

Pink Mimosa

Party Gras Clear Base – sb.41 Party Gras with a clear base

Party Like A Flock Star No Black

Beach Vibez

Neon Bow

Rapunzel’s Floating Lanterns

Black Seaglass

Oil Slick Splatter – Please check out special application instructions: 1 dip of clear, 1 dip of this. NO activator. Seal with 1 coat Base Bond. Dry. Use Gel Top and cure 60s LED. Activator bleeds the flakes on this light base.

Dark Harbor Teal

Aether Opal

Mocha Shimmer

Lavender Seaglass

Harvest Festival

Mermaid Fantasy

Peach Crush

Mystic 1 – Mauve glitter in Masquerade Madness

Mystic 2 – Silver glitter in Disco Party

Mystic 3 – Reddish Pink glitter in Birthday Fierce

Ariel’s Treasure

Garnet Flare

Autumn Leaves – Purple Burgundy

Autumn Leaves – Red Burgundy

Goth Barbie

Glinda’s Bubble

Black Magick

Resting Witch Face

Jewel Crush]

Cotton Candy Dreams

Gilded Beige

Watermelon Sizzle


Lavengrey Shimmer

Sparkling Wine

Hazy Gray

London Blue Dreams

Miranda’s Secret Wish

You Had Me At Merlot

Desert Moon

Lapis Lazuli

Earl Grey, All Day

Forbidden Berries

Azora Opal

Crystal’s Paradise Island (Glow)

Sweet Cheeks (Temp Changer)

Sally’s Nightmare

Strawberry Shortcake (Glows Pink)

Petal to the Metal

Plum Opal

Roses In Heaven (Glows Purple)

Silver Seaglass

Get Your Shine On

Blast’n Berry

Cosmopolitan Glam

Georgia Peach

Lunar Lilac (Temp Change)

SW Rainbow Sparkle

Where Oceans Collide (Temp Change)

Additional information

Weight 2 oz
Color & Size

sb.15 Reversed Mini, sb.15 Reversed 1oz., sb.15 Reversed – Silver Base Mini, sb.15 Reversed – Silver Base 1oz., sb.15 Reversed Clear Base Mini, sb.15 Reversed Clear Base 1oz., sb.13 Black Base Mini, sb.13 Black Base 1oz., sb.13 Clear Base Mini, sb.13 Clear Base 1oz., Be Mine Dip Mini, Be Mine Dip 1oz., dp.95 & dp.56 Mix Mini, dp.95 & dp.56 Mix 1oz., sb.03 with Galentine's Mini, sb.03 with Galentine's 1oz., Masquerade Madness Dip Mini, Masquerade Madness Dip 1oz., Cosmic Beauty Mini, Cosmic Beauty 1oz., Graffiti Art Mini, Graffiti Art 1oz., Opal (New Version: Minus Fiery Sequins) Mini, Opal (New Version: Minus Fiery Sequins) 1oz., Fantasy Angel Mini, Fantasy Angel 1oz., Magic Cotton Candy (Sun Changer) Mini, Magic Cotton Candy (Sun Changer) 1oz., Gilded Flamingo Mini, Gilded Flamingo 1oz., Barbie's Birthday Bash Mini, Barbie's Birthday Bash 1oz., Paint The Town Mini, Paint The Town 1oz., Unicorn Horn Mini, Unicorn Horn 1oz., Unicorn Dust Mini, Unicorn Dust 1oz., Unicorn Hair Mini, Unicorn Hair 1oz., Unicorn Sprinkles Mini, Unicorn Sprinkles 1oz., Minis Unicorn Goddess Collection: 4 Minis & Swatch Sticks, 1oz. Unicorn Goddess Collection: 4 1oz. & Swatch Sticks, Spellbound Mini, Spellbound 1oz., Ballerina Baby Mini, Ballerina Baby 1oz., Whimsical Romance Mini, Whimsical Romance 1oz., Opal Dreams Mini, Opal Dreams 1oz., Amethyst Dreams Mini, Amethyst Dreams 1oz., Carnival After Dark Mini, Carnival After Dark 1oz., Pink Mimosa Mini, Pink Mimosa 1oz, Party Gras Clear Base Mini, Party Gras Clear Base 1oz., Party Like A Flock Star No Black Mini, Party Like A Flock Star No Black 1oz., Beach Vibes Mini, Beach Vibes 1oz., Neon Bow Mini, Neon Bow 1oz., Rapunzel’s Floating Lanterns Mini, Rapunzel’s Floating Lanterns 1oz., Black Seaglass Mini, Black Seaglass 1oz., Oil Slick Splatter Mini, Oil Slick Splatter 1oz., Dark Harbor Teal Mini, Dark Harbor Teal 1oz., Aether Opal Mini, Aether Opal 1oz., Mocha Shimmer Mini, Mocha Shimmer 1oz., Lavender Seaglass Mini, Lavender Seaglass 1oz., Harvest Festival Mini, Harvest Festival 1oz., Mermaid Fantasy Mini, Mermaid Fantasy 1oz., Peach Crush Mini, Peach Crush 1oz., Mystic 1 (Mauve) Mini, Mystic 1 (Mauve) 1oz., Mystic 2 (Silver) Mini, Mystic 2 (Silver) 1oz., Mystic 3 (Reddish Pink) Mini, Mystic 3 (Reddish Pink) 1oz., Ariel’s Treasure Mini, Ariel’s Treasure 1oz., Garnet Flare Mini, Garnet Flare 1oz., Autumn Leaves – Purple Burgundy Mini, Autumn Leaves – Purple Burgundy 1oz, Autumn Leaves – Red Burgundy Mini, Autumn Leaves – Red Burgundy 1oz., Goth Barbie Mini, Goth Barbie 1oz., Glinda’s Bubble Mini, Glinda’s Bubble 1oz., Black Magick Mini, Black Magick 1oz., Resting Witch Face Mini, Resting Witch Face 1oz., Jewel Crush Mini, Jewel Crush 1oz., Cotton Candy Dreams Mini, Cotton Candy Dreams 1oz., Gilded Beige Mini, Gilded Beige 1oz., Watermelon Sizzle Mini, Watermelon Sizzle 1oz., Starfall Mini, Starfall 1oz., Lavengrey Shimmer Mini, Lavengrey Shimmer 1oz., Sparkling Wine Mini, Sparkling Wine 1oz., Hazy Gray Mini, Hazy Gray 1oz., London Blue Dreams Mini, London Blue Dreams 1oz., Miranda’s Secret Wish Mini, Miranda’s Secret Wish 1oz., You Had Me At Merlot Mini, You Had Me At Merlot 1oz., Desert Moon Mini, Desert Moon 1oz., Lapis Lazuli Mini, Lapis Lazuli 1oz., Earl Grey, All Day Mini, Earl Grey, All Day 1oz., Forbidden Berries Mini, Forbidden Berries 1oz., Azora Opal Mini, Azora Opal 1oz., Crystal’s Paradise Island (Glow) Mini, Crystal’s Paradise Island (Glow) 1oz., Sweet Cheeks (Temp Changer) Mini, Sweet Cheeks (Temp Changer) 1oz., Sally’s Nightmare Mini, Sally’s Nightmare 1oz., Strawberry Shortcake (Glows Pink) Mini, Strawberry Shortcake (Glows Pink) 1oz., Petal to the Metal Mini, Petal to the Metal 1oz., Plum Opal Mini, Plum Opal 1oz., Roses In Heaven (Glows Purple) Mini, Roses In Heaven (Glows Purple) 1oz., Silver Seaglass Mini, Silver Seaglass 1oz., Get Your Shine On Mini, Get Your Shine On 1oz., Blast'n Berry Mini, Blast'n Berry 1oz., Cosmopolitan Glam Mini, Cosmopolitan Glam 1oz., Georgia Peach Mini, Georgia Peach 1oz., Lunar Lilac (Temp Change) Mini, Lunar Lilac (Temp Change) 1oz., SW Rainbow Sparkle Mini, SW Rainbow Sparkle 1oz., Where Oceans Collide (Temp Change) Mini, Where Oceans Collide (Temp Change) 1oz.


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