Worth Fighting For – Awareness Dip Collection




At Sparkle & Co., we strongly believe everyone is worth fighting for. No matter what your struggle, we want you to know we see you. With this collection, your nails can show outward support for the inner battles you or your loved ones are fighting. We hope you know that you always have any army of Sparkle sisters behind you!

Introducing the “Worth Fighting For” Awareness Collection!

10% of sales will be go to the charity associated with the color purchased

We have the following 4 colors available now in this collection. More colors will be added in the future.

💙 Autism Awareness
💗 Breast Cancer Awareness – Susan G. Komen
(Pink Power from the Positively Pink Promo)
♥️ Stroke Awareness
💚 Ovarian & Cervical Cancer Awareness

Additional information

Weight 2 oz
Color & Size

Autism Awareness Mini, Autism Awareness 1oz, Breast Cancer Awareness Mini, Breast Cancer Awareness 1oz., Stroke Awareness Mini, Stroke Awareness 1oz., Ovarian and Cervical Cancer Awareness Mini, Ovarian and Cervical Cancer Awareness 1oz.


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