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Test Dots: Unveil the secret to effortless nail art trial with our roll of 100 adhesive dots, neatly housed in an adorable storage container jar. These tiny yet mighty dots are your go-to solution for experimenting with dip powder shades without committing to a full manicure.

Effortlessly simple to use, just apply an adhesive dot under a loose nail tip, then affix it to your nail or atop clear gloves. This clever method allows you to preview various dip powder colors on your nails, making it a breeze to choose your next dazzling shade. Once you’ve found your favorites, the nail tips can be easily removed, leaving behind no sticky residue, ready to inspire your future manicures.

But the magic doesn’t stop with dip powders! Our versatile adhesive dots are also perfect for testing gels, nail polishes, and exploring different nail art designs. They provide a mess-free, reliable hold, ensuring you can assess the appearance and performance of various nail products with ease.

Make decision-making a delight and nail art experiments hassle-free with these essential adhesive dots. Whether you’re a seasoned pro or a nail art newbie, they’re the perfect addition to your nail care arsenal, enabling you to plan and perfect your looks with confidence and creativity!

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100 Test Dots In Container, 10 Clear Gloves – M, 10 Clear Gloves – L


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