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Discover the ultimate convenience in nail art with our 2-ounce plastic cups and lids, designed specifically for the creative nail enthusiast. These petite yet powerful containers are your perfect partner for blending glitters, shimmers, and pigments into your favorite dip powders, or for fluffing up compacted powders to ensure a smooth application.

With each cup, you have the ideal space to mix and shake. Simply add a touch of shimmer or pigment to your dip powder, secure the lid, and shake vigorously. Open the lid, and after a quick breather, close the lid and shake again to achieve a perfectly bonded mixture. Remember to fill only half of the cup to leave ample room for the contents to blend beautifully.

Not just for adding additives to your dip powders, these versatile cups are also fantastic for refreshing your existing compacted dip powders from your full 😉 jars. Pour in your chosen color, shake it up, and watch as the powder becomes beautifully airy and easy to work with. Whether you’re aiming to achieve a flawless dip manicure or want to experiment with new color mixes, these cups have got you covered.

These cups are incredibly useful for crafting new shades, enhancing existing ones, or integrating special effects like glow or temperature change pigments. And it doesn’t stop at dip powders – these cups are equally effective for mixing gels and nail polishes. Make sure to stir (with a swatch stick even!) for these liquid mediums, not shake.

Choose from our convenient packs of 25 cups and lids for those who need plenty on hand, or opt for the 10 cups and lids set that comes with a storage container for organized and compact storage. Or, get the best of both worlds with our combo option. Elevate your nail artistry with these essential mixing cups and lids, designed to make your nail design experience as enjoyable and efficient as possible.

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25 Cups w/Lids, 10 Cups In Storage Container, 35 Cups + Storage Container


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