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Application Tools

Fairy Wand:
The enchanted tool transforms Fairy Dust application into a magical experience, delivering instant adherence to your Fairy Base.
This wand is the ultimate companion for anyone who dreams of an effortless fairy dust application. Crafted in a delightful shade of iridescent pink, this wand exudes the whimsical charm of a fairy’s touch. With its soft but firm bristles, it gives a perfect and even application, working its magic in seconds!

Fairy Dust Brush:
This magical brush in pastel rainbow hues is your key to a flawless Fairy Dust application. Its delicate bristles are expertly designed to sweep away any excess product, ensuring that not a speck of precious Fairy Dust goes to waste. The excess product is effortlessly collected and transferred to Fairy Dust Catcher.

Fairy Dust Catcher:
The ultimate accessory to enhance your Fairy Dust nail art experience. This enchanting pink container features two convenient pull-out trays (for 2 color manis), designed to effortlessly collect and return any excess Fairy Dust back to its original jar, ensuring not a speck goes to waste. But that’s not all; our Fairy Dust Catcher also doubles as a tool to rest your finger while applying Fairy Dust. It catches every bit of excess dust, allowing you to easily reclaim any unused magic and keep your workspace immaculate.

Small Grey Fairy File:
The ultimate solution for effortlessly eliminating any Fairy Dust particles from your cuticles or skin. Designed with precision and lightweight ease of use in mind, this file is your trusted companion for quick and gentle cleanup. Its remarkable ability to swiftly illuminate and whisk away unwanted particles ensures that your experience is nothing short of enchanting.

Small Rose Gold Duster Brush:
The ultimate glam brush for your nails. Crafted with precision and adorned in luxurious rose gold, this brush is designed to add a touch of elegance to your nail routine.

Fairy Oil 5ml:
The secret to nurturing your cuticles with a touch of magic. This delightful cuticle oil, crafted from a blend of nourishing coconut oil and fragrant essence, carries the whimsical scent of Blush, reminiscent of sweet pink sugar. Housed in an adorable pink and white glass rollerball, it’s not just a cuticle care product; it’s a fairy-tale accessory for your nail care routine. Watch as it effortlessly hydrates and revitalizes your cuticles, leaving them soft, smooth, and beautifully manicured.

Pink Mani Mats:
The perfect one-time-use solution to elevate your Fairy Dust nail art experience. These charming pink mats, reminiscent of delicate paper towels, not only provide a cute and pristine canvas for your nail art but also offer protection for your workspace and eyes. As you embark on your enchanting fairy magical journey, these mats catch and contain any excess Fairy Dust, ensuring a clean and magical environment.

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Fairy Wand, Fairy Dust Brush, Fairy Dust Catcher, Small Grey Fairy File, Small Rose Gold Duster Brush, Fairy Oil: Blush – 5ml, Pink Mani Mats (Disposable)


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